Find out why Dee Hsu curses at A-Mei’s concert

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A-Mei held her Utopia World Tour concert at the Taipei Arena recently.

During one of the concerts, Dee Hsu who is well-known for her sharp tongue attended the concert with her daughter. Knowing that Dee is often spontaneous, A-Mei who spotted her at one of the cameras joked on the stage, “Neighbour, beware and make sure you grab her. She is uncontrollable!”

A-Mei also ‘provoked’ Dee and said, “You come on stage! Come and grab my mic.”

Little did A-Mei expect that Dee would run up to the stage and snatched her mic. Once on stage, Dee voiced out her unhappiness at A-Mei for only introducing the two celebrity mothers, Fish Leong and Christine Fan who were present as well.

Dee snapped at A-Mei, “When you cue Christine and Fish Leong, I’m so unhappy. When it comes to giving birth. I XX [expletives] am a child bearing machine. I gave birth to three daughters ok? But, I am very happy.”

Source: Nownews

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