Fiona Sit and Jaycee Chan rekindle love?

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Jaycee Chan was photographed chauffeuring Fiona Sit and speculations arose if the couple had rekindled their love.

Tabloids reported that Jaycee had introduced Fiona to his good friend, Jay Chou. The Taiwanese pop prince reportedly became a “shield” for the couple to date at a night spot. During the gathering, Jaycee and Fiona chatted at a dim corner throughout the night and only left the place at 4 am in the morning. Jaycee reportedly drove Fiona home after that.

Responding on the rumours, Fiona said that she and Jaycee were only friends and would meet up for meals occasionally. Asked if Jaycee had intentionally arranged Jay Chou to meet her, Fiona replied, “No. Jaycee only loves crowd.”

Fiona also urged the media to write favourably of Jaycee and praised him for being “a good guy”.

Asked if she would consider rekindling love with Jaycee, Fiona replied, “We are so busy and won’t consider anything. We are only friends. We can’t say if there is any chance or not.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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