Fish Leong is expecting a baby boy

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According to Taiwanese report, Fish Leong is four months pregnant and is expecting a baby boy.

In her Weibo, the Malaysian singer expressed that she missed performing on stage. “I suddenly miss the performing days, but I will still be a good baby just like my baby.”

A source close to Fish revealed that she is carrying a baby boy. As a pregnant woman is usually said to be uglier when pregnant with a boy, her friends are all surprised that Fish still looks the same.

“Why have you not turned ugly,” asked her friends.

Fish was very happy upon hearing it. Besides that, Fish reportedly is in a good shape and does not suffer from any morning sickness or discomfort.

Since her pregnancy, Fish has stopped accepting performing shows and has only left with a beverage commercial on hand. When she returned to her hometown, Malaysia recently, her mother also prepared nutritious food for her.

Last week, Fish and good friend Valen Hsu also visited Victor Wong and his son when she was back in Taiwan and learnt some parenting tips from him.

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Source: 21CN 

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