Fish Leong weeps over Malaysian election results

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Ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition has won last Sunday’s Malaysian general election amid allegations by the opposition of a fraudulent election result.

Many Malaysian artistes such as Fish Leong, Michael Wong Kong Leong and Gary Cao have all expressed disappointment over the election results at their micro-blogs. Fish used words like “in tears” and “weeping” to express her agony over the results. She also consoled her Malaysian friends and wrote, “To all the strong children of Malaysia and the brave hearts who are hurt: I love you and I embrace you all.”

Malaysian-Chinese singer Michael, who has changed his Facebook profile photo to black was equally upset with the disputed election results. He wrote, “I respect your arranged “democratic results”. Please listen carefully to the voices of your people. If you are still not doing your job, please return to our people the true and clean democracy in four years’ time.”

Z-Chen also described the election day as “Malaysia’s darkest day”.

Other non-Malaysian artistes have also voiced out at the disputed election results. Singaporean singer, JJ Lin dedicated his duet with A-shin, The Dark Knight <黑暗騎士> to his Malaysians friends to fight against the dark.

Taiwanese actress, Michelle Chen uploaded a picture of a sky and wrote, “I am encouraging my Malaysian friends!”

Mayday’s A-shin has also changed his profile photo of his micro-blog to a black photo to express his discontent.

Since the backlash, Malaysian star Michelle Yeoh who has earlier declared her support for Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak did not voice any opinions on the election results.

Source: Ming Pao 

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