Flirty messages exposed; Vivian Law confesses dating Avis Chan

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Vivian Law

Vivian Law reportedly is the third party which causes Chrissie Chau and Avis Chan to break up. Subsequently, a bed photo of Vivian and Avis was published by the tabloids. The 19-year-old model later clarified through a press conference that the photo was not taken on bed and it was taken when both parties were drunk. She also emphasised that she and Avis were only friends.

Recently, a series of flirty messages between Avis and Vivian were leaked. In one of the messages, Avis wrote to Vivian, “Did you put on your clothes today?”. Another message read, “I am going to her house today. I will look for you tomorrow”.

The messages were seen as an evidence of Avis cheating on Chrissie during their relationship. After the messages surfaced, Vivian changed her statement and admitted that Avis had sent the messages to her.

Vivian confessed that she had started dated Avis when the latter had emphasised that he had broken up with Chrissie. Asked why she lied about her relationship, Vivian said, “I wanted to protect him but I never expect that I am the only one shouldering the responsibility”.

Vivian and Avis met at an event where the latter asked for her number and tried asking her out on several occasions. Vivian shared that Avis appeared to be attentive and insisted that he and Chrissie had separated.

“I felt that he was someone that I could trust, but I feel scary now that I think about it. I will be more careful when I make friends in future”.


There were rumours that Vivian was unhappy that Avis did not disclose their relationship and hence, leaked out their flirty messages. Vivian dismissed the rumours and said that she had confided in a friend about her relationship problems. Her friend then betrayed her and sent it to the media. Vivian said that she was dismal about her friend’s betrayal.

Avis returned to his hair salon yesterday. Asked if Vivian was telling the truth, Avis replied, “It’s her mouth. Whatever she wants to say or how she wants to publicise, I can’t control it”.

Avis also stressed that there was no third party between him and Chrissie. “There is really no third party intervening in my relationship with Chrissie. It has nothing to do with any third party”.

When asked if he and Vivian had dated before, Avis dodged the question and replied, “I do not wish to respond to anything related to her. I only wish to concentrate on my business now. I will not bother about other matter”.

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