G.E.M. Tang being criticised for turning up late twice

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Since G.E.M. Tang’s popularity skyrocketed, she has come under fire for her alleged diva behaviour.

At a press conference last month, G.E.M.’s manager pointed out that G.E.M. was an international star now and could only conduct one round of interview. And now, at the recent Metro Radio Hits Music Awards, G.E.M. faces criticisms again for turning up late, not once but twice.

On the 26th December, G.E.M. originally was scheduled to take a helicopter to the awards ceremony after her concert in Macau. Due to the bad weather, she was unable to board the plane and had to take a ferry back to Hong Kong.

The awards organiser had to extend the show by an hour because of her. As the show was nearing midnight, many audience had left before the show ended. Towards the end, only 30% of the audience stayed behind and it caused an embarrassment to the performing artistes on stage.

G.E.M. also took home four trophies including the Singer of the Year award, in which she herself was surprised. G.E.M. said, “I’m very surprised to win 4 awards because I do not have any new songs this year.”

After the awards ended at 12.30 am, all the artistes and media proceeded to the celebratory banquet at 1 am. G.E.M. only turned up at 1.45 am, and explained that she was at the backstage, touching up her makeup.

She said, “I don’t know [people were waiting for me]. After the awards ended, I went to touch up my makeup and quickly pack up to attend the celebratory banquet. I’m sorry. I don’t know how to make up for it. I have made 260 cookies and hope everyone like it.”

However, netizens discovered that she had uploaded on her micro-blog a photo of herself with her trophies, with a timestamp that stated the commencement time of the dinner.

Another fan also uploaded a photo with G.E.M. and thanked her for the cookie. This raised suspicions if G.E.M. was late because she was busy taking photos with her fans.

Source: Ettoday, HK Channel

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