G.E.M. Tang dropped out from “I am a Singer 2015” due to refusal to change song

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This is not the first time in which G.E.M. Tang has been accused of behaving like a diva since finding her explosive popularity after appearing in Chinese singing competition,  I Am a Singer. 

Last year, there was unhappiness about the interview arrangements and G.E.M. was slammed for being disrespectful to the media.

I Am a Singer 2015 will be aired this Friday and this time, the competition will gather the contestants from the three seasons. Just two days ago, the show director Hong Tao suddenly left an angry post on his Weibo, “If you refuse to change your song, we will replace you! Good night!”

Although no name was pointed, many have speculated that it was G.E.M. as she has been criticised several times for her diva behaviour.

Today, Hong Tao again issued another post and singled out that it was G.E.M. that he was referring to. He wrote, “G.E.M. Tang could not accommodate to the crew’s request, and she has decided to drop out from the show.”

According to Hong Tao, I am a Singer has always maintained a format in which contestants have do a cover of other artistes’ songs instead of theirs. The crew has initially agreed to let G.E.M. sing her own songs, in consideration of the audience’s expectations.

However, most of the singers have been persuaded to change their songs, and it will be unfair to them if G.E.M. is the only one to sing her own songs.

G.E.M. also responded and apologised to the show director. She said on Weibo that she has been grateful to I am A Singer for giving her a platform to showcase her singing ability. However, she also said that she hoped to give her 100 percent in every performance to repay her audience.

“If it is due to fear of public opinion and fear of being misunderstood, that I hastily swopped another song and sacrificed the quality of my performance, I will be sorry to the stage and my audience.”

“I can’t get through this. I don’t want to give a perfunctory performance and let my audience down. I’m sorry to disappoint everyone. I’m grateful for the opportunity and hope to work hard to repay everyone with my music.”

Taiwanese singer, A-Lin will replace G.E.M. in the show.

Source: HK Channel, On.cc

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