G.E.M. Tang has dreamt of ex-boyfriend, Yoga Lin and his current girlfriend

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G.E.M. Tang and Yoga Lin parted ways in a sour note last year. Yoga was rumoured to be cheating on G.E.M. and reportedly dumped her for Taiwanese singer Kiki Ting. 

At a press conference last week in Taiwan, G.E.M. seemed to be taking a jab at her ex-boyfriend. She told the reporters that she had once dreamt of Yoga and his new girlfriend, Kiki. Asked if she would send her blessings to the couple, G.E.M. said, “I have prayed for him.”

When asked if she and Yoga are still friends, G.E.M. replied, “You have to ask him. I am open, but he has disappeared.”

G.E.M. also revealed that she welcomed her ex-boyfriend to see her concert at the Taipei Arena, but said, “If he doesn’t want to come, it doesn’t matter too.”

G.E.M. will also try to refrain from long-distance relationship in future. “I am flying around nowadays. How can I maintain any relationship.”

Revealing her criteria for her future boyfriend, the 23-year-old said, “I hope that he can be mature, responsible, humorous and is able to protect me.”

G.E.M.’s manager has once criticised Yoga for being irresponsible in the relationship. Is G.E.M. taking a dig at Yoga again?

Source: Sina

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