G.E.M. Tang slammed for being disrespectful to media

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Since shooting to fame, G.E.M. Tang has come under fire for her diva like behaviour.

Earlier, she was slammed for being disrespectful to the media during a press conference. Her manager had then pointed out that G.E.M. was an international star and could only conduct one round of interview. At the Metro Radio Hits Music Awards last month, G.E.M. was also criticised for turning up late at the ceremony.

G.E.M. held a series of five concerts, G.E.M.’s X.X.X. Live World Tour at the Hong Kong Coliseum from 14 to 17 January 2015.

For tradition practice, most Hong Kong singers would arrange seats for members of the press and their camera crew.

However, at G.E.M.’s concerts, only photographers and camera crew were allowed admission. In addition, no seats were arranged for them. All photographers and camera crew could only take pictures of the first 30 minutes of the show and were told to leave after that. No interviews were granted at the end of the concerts too.

G.E.M.’s manager responded on the ‘special’ arrangement, “There were many negative reports earlier. She [referring to G.E.M.] is very resistance of Hong Kong media, and does not wish to complicate matters. She will need to consider carefully before accepting any interviews.”

Responding on the criticism, G.E.M. wrote on her Weibo, “In the past, I would question myself if it was so hard to just focus on singing. Now, I will just actively remind myself that no matter what challenges or difficulties ahead, I will overcome them to sing my songs well. Other than music, I will not care about other things.”

G.E.M.’s X.X.X. Live World Tour is one of the most expensive concerts in Hong Kong. Her VIP ticket price costs HK$ 1,880, which is even more expensive than Lady Gaga whose VIP ticket price only costs HK$1,280.

Source: On.cc

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