G.E.M. Tang upset over hoax photos

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G.E.M. Tang is extremely upset when a series of provocative photos, directed at her have been circulating on the web.

In the photos, a topless woman who was purported to be G.E.M. posed seductively with intense facial expressions.

According to the analysis by netizens, the woman in the photo is not G.E.M. as she had suffered from jawbone atrophy which is not possible for her lower teeth to bite her lips.

Meanwhile, there is also rumour saying that the hoax photos were circulated by a fan of K-pop boy band, EXO after the fan had suspected G.E.M. for using EXO as publicity.

Angry with the hoax photos, G.E.M wrote on her Weibo, “Which is heavier – 10 kg of cotton or 1 kg of iron? I will not bury myself in the same blind spot twice. I vow that after I wipe my tears now, I will give the audience who love me, a wonderful concert. Go ahead hurting me, but I aren’t dying! Instead, I am gonna love those who love me even more.”

G.E.M.’s agency has clarified that G.E.M. is not the woman in the photo. The agency also issued a statement, saying that they would take legal action on the netizen who circulated the hoax photos.


Source: Ettoday, on.cc 

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