Gaile Lok in tears: “My relationship with Leon is history”

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Returning to Hong Kong yesterday, Gaile Lok (樂基兒) was swarmed by reporters, eagerly to hear her story on the separation with Leon Lai (黎明). Without giving much comments, Gaile only said that she would be moving to a friend’s house and would respond at a fashion event in the evening.

Last evening, Gaile attended a Marc Jacobs fashion event and spoke the first time her divorce with the heavenly king. During the interview, the model was so emotional that she had to take a 10 minutes break before continuing the interview.

Separation not due to third party

Asked about the reason behind the separation, Gaile replied, “If I could show you my divorce papers, there will not be so many fabricated news. As I need to adhere to the legal proceedings and respect Leon, I can’t produce the divorce papers. I can assure you and positively say that our separation is not due to a third party.”

“My unhappiest time was spent with my family in America. From now onwards, I hope that whatever I do will not drag Leon into the picture. Whatever he does has nothing to do with me either. I do not want our relationship to be so complicated.”

Denies receiving enormous sum of alimony

Earlier, Gaile was rumoured to have received an outrageous amount of alimony worth HK$200 million from Leon. She was upset when she learnt that the tabloids had written about the enormous amount of alimony she received.

Clarifying the allegations, Gaile spoke in assertiveness, “I do not really understand the divorce laws in Hong Kong but I am not that kind of person. I really want to clarify this matter. I am not that kind of bad person as written by the tabloids. I am just like a normal person, who will work and save up to buy things that I like. I hope that the tabloids will not write things that are not true anymore. This is unfair to me and Leon.”

Divorce in the process

Gaile refused to comment how long she took to come to the divorce decision. She replied briefly, “Our relationship just doesn’t work out.”

She also revealed that the couple was in the process of filing the divorce papers currently.

Asked if she would date again after her failed marriage, Gaile was emotional and started crying, “I will not answer this question. I am feeling so nervous. I broke down in tears after thinking about the events that happened a few months ago.”

Asked if she tried to save the marriage, Gaile replied, “My relationship with Leon is history. I will not comment on it anymore.”

Source: mingpao, orientaldaily

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