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After returning to Hong Kong last week, Gaile Lok (樂基兒)) has been thrusted under the media attention once again.

Speaking in tears on her failed marriage with Leon Lai (黎明) earlier, Gaile said that her relationship with Leon was history and denied receiving outrageous amount of alimony. At a radio interview, Gaile further clarified the divorce rumours and provided more insights into her marriage.

Recalls sweet moments with Leon

Gaile revealed that Leon had given her an oil painting as an encouragement for her to pursue her arts studies. “This is a a very precious memory and I will keep it well,” said Gaile.

Recalling Leon’s wedding proposal, Gaile said that there was no diamond ring and Leon did not kneel down during proposal. However, she was delighted with Leon’s very big surprise on the wedding proposal day.

Denies receiving HK$200 million of alimony

Gaile highlighted that she did not receive any yacht, mansions, luxurious car or enormous sum of alimony from Leon.

Asked if Leon had lavished her with any expensive gifts, Gaile said candidly, “Of course there is. I dated with him 7 years, we would give each other gifts. He gave me a sports car before but I had poor driving skills, hence I sold the car away. I gave him a bottle of whiskey which had the same birthday year as him. It costs a 6-digit sum. We agreed on a very low settlement sum in the divorce process. I definitely was not given $200 million. I can’t even say it’s millions.”

Gaile: “Relationship doesn’t work out!”

Dismissing any third party interference, Gaile said that the separation was not due to anyone’s infidelity or scandalous news. She cited “Relationship doesn’t work out” as the reason of their separation.

Gaile also dismissed that she had a romance with Cuz. For the scandalous photo which was published, Gaile explained that she was wearing bikini due to the hot weather in Bali. In that photo, she was with a group of female friends in the room.

Speaking that the couple had contrasting personalities, Gaile said, “I feel I am like a hippie and Leon is like a politician. He is like a leader who knows how to take care of others.”

Denies miscarriage

There were earlier reports that Leon was outraged with Gaile’s miscarriage. Gaile shot down the rumours and said that she was not even pregnant in the first place.

“My friends called me and sent messages to ask about me. I do not know why but I am very certain that I was never pregnant and never even miscarried.”

Agree to announce separation in October

Gaile also said that both parties had agreed to announce their separation in October, and Leon’s separation statement was not due to the scandalous photo.

“I don’t hate him (Leon) and have no hard feelings against him,” said Gaile.

Source: mingpao

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