Gaile Lok returns to Hong Kong, moves to a friend’s house

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After Leon Lai (黎明) and Gaile Lok (樂基兒) announced their separation last month, the latter had been vacationing in overseas. Yesterday, Gaile returned to Hong Kong for a fashion event and was swarmed by reporters upon arrival at the airport.

The situation was chaotic with over 50 reporters flocking towards the model. Looking relaxed, Gaile calmly told the reporters, “Please let me walk through.”

After Gaile was photographed holidaying with a Caucasian man named Denimcuz (Cuz) at Bali, there were speculations that Cuz was her new beau. She refused to reply to the question if Cuz was her new beau when asked by reporters.

Asked about her feelings after the separation, Gaile said, “We will talk about it tomorrow at work.”

Resuming her single status, the wedding band was evidently missing from Gaile’s ring finger.

Asked where she would stay in Hong Kong, Gaile replied, “I will move to a friend’s house.” She also declined to answer if her friend was a man or woman.

Gaile refused to comment on the amount of alimony she would be getting from the heavenly king although earlier reports claimed that the model would be receiving cash and assets worth HK$110 million. Gaile only said that she had handled over to her lawyer to manage.

“I am back to Hong Kong for work. Please let me walk through so that I can get back home,” said Gaile.

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