Gary Chaw apologises and vows to quit alcohol

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After his drunken episode, Gary Chaw has called for a press conference and vowed to stay away from alcohol.

Last week, a tipsy Gary suddenly dashed up on a stage during a concert, shouted expletives and displayed unruly behaviour in front of the audience. This placed his marriage on the rocks, when his wife, Wu Sou Ling moved out of their house with their two children after his drunken outburst. 

Yesterday, Gary apologised to the public at the press conference. He declared confidently, ,”I will not touch any alcohol in my life again!”

Gary said that it was his daughter’s words that made him decided to quit drinking. His daughter has spoken to him and said, “Daddy, I do not like it when you drink!”

Gary said, “Sometimes, I would get drowsy and knocked onto things around the house after drinking. When I slept on the sofa, my daughter would see it. I will not die if I do not have alcohol, but life will be meaningless without my family!”

When asked what he would do if another drunken episode occurred again, Gary said, “I will retire from the entertainment industry!”

He also added that should he made another similar mistake again, he will donate NT$10 million to the charity and said, “you can lock me up for 3 days!”

Gary shared that his wife had since returned home and that his wife has even supported him before his press conference.

“Before I came to the press conference, she told me ‘Love you, work hard,” said Gary.


Source: Apple Daily 

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