Gillian Chung and Hubert Wu dating?

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Hong Kong tabloids claimed that 34-year-old Gillian Chung is dating 25-year-old singer, Hubert Hu.

Reports said that Gillian and Hubert have been dating secretly for 2 months. Hubert reportedly visited Gillian’s apartment and spent 20 hours there.

Gillian and Hubert met at an event at Canada in July. After the event, all the singers went for a supper together, and Hubert successfully asked for Gillian’s number.

After returning to Hong Kong, Hubert had been courting her and even accompanied her to see a doctor for her waist injury.

Gillian’s manager, Mani Fok has dismissed the rumours, and said, “Gillian has just moved to that area, and didn’t expect such rumours to circulate. It’s really funny. Of course, it’s not true.”

Source: HK Channel, Apple Daily

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