Gillian Chung dismisses identity of boyfriend

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Reports of Gillian Chung’s (鍾欣桐) new romance has sparked a public interest into the identify of her new beau.

Tabloids claimed that her Korean boyfriend was named Kush and is a close friend to G-Dragon of Big Bang. His identity is exposed after a picture of him is circulating around online.

At an event for pets yesterday, Gillian remained tight lipped about her new beau. She even said that she did not know the surname of her new boyfriend.

Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) immediately helped her out and said, “I call him Mr Kimchi. Gillian does not wish to discuss much about her relationship and I can understand it”.

Gillian shared that she had been dating for a few months and she communicated with her boyfriend in English. “I never thought that my relationship will come to light that fast, but the outcome is not that bad after all. My boyfriend is also mentally prepared”.

However, she did not wish to disclose much information on her boyfriend. Asked where her boyfriend was staying, Gillian replied, “Somewhere”.

What kind of job is he working? Gillian replied, “I am not answering”.

Middle: Kush, Right: G-Dragon
Right: Kush

After Kush picture is circulating on the web, Gillian immediately made a public statement through her Weibo. Dismissing that Kush was her boyfriend, Gillian wrote, “Kush is only our common friend and he is not my boyfriend! I have already said that other than my dating news is true, other reports are false. Please do not implicate others into the picture. This is unfair to them. Thank you.”

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