Girls’ Generation’s Jessica rumoured to be dating Gillian Chung’s ex-boyfriend

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Girls’ Generation’s Jessica is rumoured to be dating Korean American, Tyler Kwon.

Tyler is a well-known young entrepreneur in Korea and previously helmed a top position in an American bank. After returning to Korea, he established his own entertainment agency and is close friends with many superstar idols such as Big Bang.

Tyler is also the ex-boyfriend of Hong Kong singer-actress, Gillian Chung. Gillian started dating Tyler back in 2012 and were often seen on dates in public.  Unable to sustain their long-distance relationship, the couple broke up after ten months. 

Jessica and Tyler were said to have hooked up quickly after they met in Hong Kong last year. The duo was said to be secretly dating for a year and also seen holding hands on the plane.

At a variety programme recently, Jessica even said, “If my relationship is discovered, I will graciously admit it.”

This led to speculations if she is currently in love.

SM Entertainment has since dismissed the rumours and clarified that “they are only good friends”.

Source: Ettoday, Apple Daily 

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