Gloria Wong on ex-boyfriend Edison Chen: “It was sex everytime!”

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Hong Kong model, Gloria Wong has released her sexy photobook the fifth year in a row.

Gloria has been in the showbiz for 13 years, and has filmed a few movies. However, Gloria is best known for being “Edison Chen’s rumoured girlfriend” in China. Gloria also revealed the juicy details when she was dating Edison.

“I was not happy when I knew him. It wasn’t normal dating. It was sex everytime. He liked to call me at 2 to 3 am to go up to his house. If I refused to go, he would get crazy and scold me. I did not have much work at that time. Each taxi ride from my house to his would cost around HK$200. The amount was peanuts to him, but to me it was a burden. He never offered to pay me the cab fare.”

Gloria also said, “I was with him for a few years. Edison asked me to wear sexy lingerie for him. I felt that it was normal to make my boyfriend happy. He also asked me to go on a holiday with him, but I did not agree. He had money and he took business class but I had to take economy class. Did he ask me to make any video? I can’t reveal.”

While they were together, Edison was photographed dating 2R’s Rosanne. According to Gloria, he would explain that “She is using me as a publicity” to brush off his two-timing rumours. In 2006, Edison admitted dating Vincy Yeung, but he still continued his relationship with Gloria. Gloria eventually decided to end the relationship.

Gloria shared that she had suffered from a depression after her breakup with Edison, and she needed to see a doctor to treat her condition.

Gloria also said that she also dated TVB actor Nathan Ngai, but the relationship ended the same way.

“We did everything in a relationship. My friends asked me to be careful and said that he was flirtatious. Just like he and his godsister (Steven Cheung’s current girlfriend, Xenia Chong), they often played together and he always went to her house. He also set her phone contact as Baby, while mine was Gloria. I was not happy. On the other hand, Steven (Steven Cheung) has changed a lot. We dated for 6 months when he first joined showbiz. He suddenly went missing and did not contact me. Maybe it was because of pressure from company.”

Source: HK Channel

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  1. tugkada Reply

    i am a thai woman and think that other chinese actors are a lot more handsome than this edison chen, but more handsome chinese actors can get uglier women. why? because this man is born rich so a lot of girls go for him?