Grace Chan intends to get married in Canada

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Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng have been dating for a year plus, and their relationship is stable.

Attending an event recently, Grace revealed that she had thought of her marriage. As she grew up in Canada, she intends to get married in Canada and raises her kids there in future.

When asked if Kevin was aware of her plans, she smiled, “He knows now! But, these are things in future.”

On when she has plans to have babies, Grace said, “Let nature takes its course. When I reach a certain age, I will think of it. (Maybe your boyfriend can’t wait that long?) Both parties need to have consensus. We will accommodate to each other.”

Grace said that she had a mutual consensus with Kevin on their marriage plans. She also shared that she would like to take her wedding photos and hold her wedding banquet in Canada, as the scenery is beautiful there.

“It is very meaningful to take photos at the place I grew up. Besides, my church is in Canada. My parents’ friends are all in Canada. (Is your boyfriend agreeable to your wedding plan?) It shouldn’t be a problem if I want to get married in Canada. Besides, we will also hold a wedding banquet in Hong Kong.”


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  1. P. Tan Reply

    Looks like all these are Grace’s plans and without Kevin knowing anything! That was why the reporter kept on asking whether Kevin knew about her plans. Surely she would have to consider what he had to say about them. After all his mother is quite old and would he just leave her all alone in HK whilst he went off to Canada? That would be most un-Kevin. Again, would he like to live in Canada, being a very HK man, much as he loved Grace?