Grace Chan proves she has not undergone plastic surgery

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Recently, Grace Chan and Sisley Choi attended a press conference for TVB’s travel programme A Starry Homecoming <星星探親團>.

For this programme, Grace returned to her school in Vancouver for filming. She said that her teachers were shocked that she had joined the showbiz.

“I was very quiet in the past. Many teachers didn’t recognise me, but they remembered my younger brother,” said Grace.

In the trailer, Grace’s graduation booklet was shown and during school days, she had crooked teeth at the side.

She smiled and said, “Some people said that I had plastic surgery, but they can now see that there is not much difference. It proves that I do not have any plastic surgery. I had not placed braces at that time.”

On the other hand, Sisley returned to her school in New Zealand and even wore her old uniform during filming.

“It brought back many memories when I returned to the school. Many thought that I was a student when I was wearing the uniform. The teachers still recognised me because I used to be the leader in the art department.”




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  1. Shurlii Reply

    Maybe she’d already had surgery in high school.