Has Gaile Lok move on with a new love?

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Heavenly King, Leon Lai (黎明) reportedly paid HK $110 million of alimony to Gaile Lok (乐基儿). Tabloids reported that Gaile was adamant about ending her marriage despite Leon trying hard to salvage their relationship.

Leon purchased a yacht and provided capital for Gaile to open a new restaurant. However, Gaile reportedly gave Leon the cold shoulder. Apparently, Gaile did not even inform Leon about the opening of her new restaurant.

An inside source revealed, “Gaile is hard to predict and always goes missing. She seems very busy but nobody knows what she is busy with. She said she wanted to start a new business. Leon immediately registered a company with her and planned to inject capital in her business. One moment, she wanted to open an art gallery. Another moment, she wanted to open a florist shop. Leon even had roped in consultants to help her. At the other side, she already partnered with someone to open a restaurant and used up millions of dollars. Leon is the last one to know.”

As Gaile likes to frequent nightspots, she was spotted kissing a man in Phuket in 2009. Five months later, she was also photographed hugging a DJ at a night club. Leon’s friends advised him to keep tabs on his wife.

After rumours of their divorce circling around, the couple did not make clarifications. Recently, Gaile only acknowledged that Leon had stepped down as the director from the couple’s company, but refused to comment on her marriage.

Source: ent.sina.cn

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