Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy address each other as “hubby” and “wife”

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Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy took a vacation to Hawaii recently with Xiaoming’s parents. Before their trip, Xiaoming took Angelababy to his hometown in Qingdao to visit his relatives.

Xiaoming and Angelababy were seen together at the Qingdao airport and were in good mood. Although the couple kept a distance, Xiaoming often turned his head to check on his girlfriend. A few relatives walked up and talked to Xiaoming, and it looked like they were quite familiar with Angelababy too. The group then got on a vehicle, and Xiaoming’s father drove them to a luxurious apartment, which is likely to be their residence.

The next day, Xiaoming, his parents and Angelababy went off to another apartment, and it is likely that they visited Xiaoming’s grandmother. Carrying a stuff toy and a camera, Xiaoming was also seen carrying Angelababy’s handbag for her, while she was carrying a small dog.


After two hours later, Xiaoming and Angelababy left the place. Probably it is at Xiaoming’s hometown, the couple seemed to relax and let their guard down. Continuing to carry his girlfriend’s handbag, Xiaoming held on to Angelababy as she walked down the steep staircase. Like a little woman in love, Angelababy also held onto Xiaoming’s arms tight.

A friend disclosed that the love birds were already addressing each other as “hubby” and ”wife” in private. Xiaoming’s grandmother has also been urging the couple to get married soon. Due to their busy work schedule, they reportedly intend to register for marriage first and hold a wedding banquet later.

Source: Ming Pao 

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