Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy to get married in October

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Hong Kong media reported that Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy will tie the knot in October at Shanghai.

Recently, the couple reportedly flew to Paris to take their wedding photos, and will be back to Beijing to resume their work. Shortly after, they will also register for marriage at Xiaoming’s hometown, Qingdao.

Their wedding banquet in October will be held at Shanghai Exhibition Centre. The couple plans to invite 3,000 guests from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China to their big day, as they have no intention to hold any banquets in Hong Kong and Beijing.

Xiaoming, who will soon be 38, hopes to be a dad before he reaches 40. Hence, the couple will embark on their baby plans after marriage.

The couple went high-profile on their relationship last year, after Xiaoming delivered a Lamborghini sports car to Angelababy on her 25th birthday party. 

Source: HK Channel

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