Huang Xiaoming plunges from 3-metre high, suffers leg fracture

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During the filming of The Bride With White Hair , Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) fell from 3-metre above ground when hoisted up on a wire.

Barely a week after celebrating his 35th birthday, Xiaoming met the unfortunate accident on the film set yesterday. Xiaoming was filming for a mid-air fighting scene when a sudden gush of strong wind caused the wire to shift and derail off the crane.

The production crew screamed with horror as Xiaoming plunged onto the ground. Xiaoming was said to be in extreme pain and could not move his body at all. The heartthrob actor’s first reaction was not wailing in pain but instead asked, “Will it (injury) affect the filming schedule?”

Xiaoming was first rushed to a nearby hospital for X-Ray and was confirmed that he suffered comminuted fracture on two toes of his left foot. His left arm and right knee were also heavily bruised.

Xiaoming was later transfered to a  a renowned orthopaedic hospital in Beijing, Jishuitan Hospital for further treatment. On the way to hospital, Xiaoming even comforted the crew, “Do not worry. I am the god of war”.

Although the doctor advised him to undergo a surgery for his injury, Xiaoming is likely to opt for a safer and conservative treatment as he has a few movie promotions coming up next month. He will need to stay in the hospital for observation and undergo further scanning on his spine.

Xiaoming’s mother reportedly was so worried that she cried from the moment she visited him. His rumoured girlfriend, Angelababy was also deeply affected by his mishap that she cancelled her work in Hangzhou to stay with him in Beijing.

Angelababy also responded through her manager, “It’s very shocking to hear about his accident. I believe his friends will feel the same too. Hope that he can recover soon”.


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  1. Kate Reply

    When questioned about her decision to cancel her work, Angelababy was quoted as saying, “Oh come on! I’m not made of stone!”

  2. DarKScoRpioN Reply

    Huang Xiaoming is one of the greatest chinese actors of all time. Absolutely love his acting as the villian in the movie The Sniper 2009. Looking forward to watching more of his movies in future.