Huang Xiaoming showers Angelababy with a 2-million Lamborghini

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On 28 February 2014, Angelababy held a 25th birthday party at an Italian restaurant in Hong Kong. Shortly after, she was asked by her manager to unwrap her birthday gift.

To her surprise, the gift was a HK$2.3 million Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder! What shocked her even more was when she saw her boyfriend, Huang Xiaoming seated inside the sports car!

A day before, Xiaoming was still shooting a commercial in Taiwan. On 28 February morning, he took a flight to Hong Kong to spring a surprise for Angelababy. When Angelababy went up into the restaurant, Xiaoming hid himself inside the car.



After getting off the car, Xiaoming went up to Angelababy and gave her a bouquet of flowers. Despite being surrounded by many reporters, the couple hugged. Angelababy was moved to tears after Xiaoming whispered something into her ear. They then proceeded inside the restaurant for the party.

After three hours later, the couple walked hand-in-hand out from the restaurant. This was also the first time in which they openly showed their affections in public. When the reporters dashed towards the couple, Xiaoming immediately held onto Angelababy tightly and protected her from the crowd.

When asked if she was happy about her sports car present, Angelababy smiled sweetly, “I am very happy!”



Source: Oriental Daily, HK Channel 

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