Huang Xiaoming undergoes surgery for leg fracture

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Yesterday, Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) underwent surgery for his leg fracture sustained during the filming of The Bride With White Hair .

After felling from a 3-metre high during a mid-air fighting scene, Xiaoming’s leg injury got worst and swell up. Before his surgery yesterday, the Chinese heartthrob actor posted a message for his fans, “I have finally decided to go for a surgery today. I am an invincible Panda Ming. I can do it! Grateful…”

Reflecting his optimism and cheering for himself, Xiaoming also drew a panda cartoon on his leg casting.

As Xiaoming sustained comminuted fracture, the surgery would involve nailing in mental pins to hold the broken bones.

There were also rumours that Xiaoming’s leg might face amputation. Outraged with the malicious rumours, Xiaoming’s manager said, “There are many wicked people around, that’s why all the rumours about ‘amputation’ and ‘paralysis’ surfaced. Xiaoming’s condition is very stable now. He is attended by the best doctor and is arranged for the best treatment. Get lost, rumours!”


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