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After plunging from 3-metre during the filming of The Bride With White Hair , Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) sustains comminuted fracture on two toes of his left foot. His left arm and right knee also have numerous bruises.

Unfortunately, Xiaoming’s condition aggravated two nights ago. His left foot reportedly was swollen and the actor was running high fever. The actor was said to be in pain the whole night and was pushed out from the emergency room only yesterday afternoon. Looking extremely exhausted, Xiaoming instead turned around to console the working crew around him.

Through a telephone interview, Xiaoming’s manager Huang Bin (黃斌) responded that Xiaoming’s swollen leg was more serious than a day ago. They are currently considering the option of surgery. Asked about Xiaoming’s feelings now, Huang Bin said, “He is very strong and optimistic. He even comforts us”.

The film director Jacob Cheung (張之亮) and producer Tsui Hark (徐克) visited Xiaoming yesterday. Co-director Huang Jianxin (黃建新) said that they filmed the mid-air fighting scene for seventeen times. The actors requested to re-shoot the scene again and the accident happened when the wire derailed off the crane.

Finding hard to accept the filming accident, action director Stephen Wai Tung (董瑋) reportedly was in low spirits these few days.

The production crew emphasised that they would not change the leading actor for the film and shooting would resume until Xiaoming recovers. Xiaoming will need around three months to recover totally from the injury.

Source: appledaily.com.tw, orientdaldaily  

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