Is Charmaine Sheh interested in Kenneth Ma too?

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Romantic rumours seem to struck Kenneth Ma these days.

After reports of him courted by Rebecca Zhu and Tracy Chu, tabloids now say that Charmaine Sheh is in the chase for the TVB diamond bachelor as well.

The duo is paired up for a new TVB telemovie series, A Time of Love <愛情來臨的時候> and recently travelled to Singapore together for the filming.

In the series, Charmaine plays a sexy boss who is constantly dressed in seductive outfit, but Kenneth was nonchalant about her sexy image. Failing to attract the attention of her co-star, Charmaine reportedly was in a bad mood and everyone including Kenneth kept a distance from her.

After filming a sweet cycling scene with many body contact, Charmaine returned to her cheery self and Kenneth started to warm up to her. After the filming, the two stars went for a meal together.

Responding to the rumours, Kenneth laughed and said, “Charmaine really guessed the headlines correctly! We knew that there was a reporter and guessed that we would make it to the headlines! I guessed that the headline would be ‘Charmaine despises me and refuses to eat on the same table’, but Charmaine said the headline should be ‘Charmaine seductively pursues Kenneth!”

Despite the rumours, Kenneth did not shun away from praising Charmaine and said that he had enjoyed working with her.

“I hope to film more series with Charmaine. We worked well together. Our first collaboration was happy. I told her that I wished to work with her again, and she responded with a smile. I think she doesn’t mind a second collaboration.”


Source: Oriental Sunday via HK Channel, Ming Pao 

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