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Recent rumours were circling that Hong Kong actor, Jaycee Chan (房祖名) had secretly married new Chinese artist, Anna Kay (葉熙祺). Although Anna had dismissed the secret marriage rumours, she has on the other hand, revealed her romance with Jaycee. However, Jaycee denied dating Anna and pointed that she was gaining publicity.

During an interview, Anna said that she was not married but admitted subtly having a romance with Jaycee. Anna claimed that she met Jaycee about four to five months ago and gradually progressed their relationship. She praised him for being a filial son and even claimed that she had met his parents, Jackie Chan (成龍) and Joan Lin (林鳳嬌) at a meal. Anna also said that Jaycee’s superstar father, Jackie was friendly and approachable.

Yesterday, Jaycee blasted Anna on his Weibo and wrote, “I filmed one movie one after another. How could I get married? People have always said it’s fine to suffer some losses, but do not drag my parents into the picture to gain publicity. It’s creative to promote a new artist! It’s silly to tell a lie! I am single!”

Shortly after, Anna also wrote on her Weibo, “I have never lied. Love is equal. I only do not want to get hurt. Love is not a tool. I only hope that I will have the respect in the relationship.”

On the same day, Anna further added on her Weibo, “When I just entered in the showbiz, I like those who have single eyelids, filial and musically talent. Now, I only want to add on ‘to own up what you have done’….. Today, I have fallen out of love!”

Responding through a phone interview, Jaycee lamented, “A few years ago, there were already rumours of me with different girls. I do not wish to talk about things unrelated to work. I am afraid of saying the wrong things and do not wish to hurt anyone!”

Source: the-sun

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