Is Leon Lai and Gaile Lok’s marriage on the rocks?

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Rumours have spread like wild fire that Leon Lai (黎明) and Gaile Lok’s (樂基兒) have filed for a divorce last month. 32-year-old Gaile reportedly submitted an immigration application to United States for her dog in March. Last month, 45-year-old Leon also relinquished as the director from the couple’s company.

Leon and Gaile started their relationship in 2005 and secretly registered their marriage in Las Vegas in 2008. When Gaile applied immigration for her dog, rumours are circling if she has plans to reside to United States.

Her mother who lives in San Francisco confirmed that Gaile had submitted an immigration application for her beloved dog, but remained mum about the couple’s marriage status.

Regarding her rumoured divorce, Gaile responded, “If I am divorced, you will surely know about it.”

At a separate event, Leon was carefully avoiding the reporters and declined to accept any interviews.

Source: appledaily 

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