Is romance blooming for Show Luo and Chrissie Chau?

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Tabloids claimed that Show Luo and Chrissie Chau have secretly hooked up!

When Show was holding his concert in Hong Kong recently, Chrissie showed her support by attending his show. On the same night, Chrissie was later spotted at Hotel ICON, and it was the same hotel where Show was staying. Sources have also revealed that the romance of the Journey to the West <西游-降魔篇> co-stars started to bloom on the film set.

Chrissie attracted to Show’s humour

Chrissie and Show reportedly hit it well on the film set. Chrissie allegedly also confided her relationship problems to Show at that time.

A working crew revealed, “Show liked to tell jokes and Chrissie would find them funny. She subsequently developed positive feelings for him. When they became more familiar, Show came to know about her relationship problems with boyfriend”.

Chrissie jumps into new relationship with Show? 

Chrissie firmly ended her 6-year relationship with Avis Chan when she announced her breakup and declared her single status. She even exclaimed, “I welcome all pursuers!”

Chrissie did not intentionally avoid any reporters and proceeded to attend Show’s concert the next few days. An insider said, “She knew that she would  bump into the reporters at the concert and they would ask about her breakup. However, she ignored and said strangely, ‘There is nothing to see tonight’. She was not her usual self and was particularly anxious about Show’s concert”.

On 28 January 2013, Chrissie wrote on her Weibo, “Time really flies so fast when you are working with someone you like”. It also also during that time when Show and Chrissie were together promoting for Journey to the West.

Chrissie and Show kept relationship under wraps? 

Although the duo appeared to be in good relationship with Chrissie even showed her support to Show, there were no traces of them following each other on Weibo. There were no joint photos or even sharing of the Journey to the West photos on their Weibo.

However, tabloids managed to dig up a photo of Show and Chrissie taken at the backstage of the concert. Speculations arise if the duo were trying to “distant” their relationship.

Chrissie and Show secretly met up? 

After attending Show’s concert, Chrissie was seen at Hotel Icon where Show was staying. A hotel staff identified her and said, “It was around midnight when I saw her (Chrissie). She was not wearing any mask, had long hair and was slim and tall. Therefore, it was easy to recognise her. She was hastily walking and  seemed nervous to be spotted. I did take a few glances at her and I was certain she was Chrissie”.

Chrissie’s respond  

When asked about the qualities of her other half, Chrissie said, “It is best if he is a good looking guy! I hope that my next boyfriend will be able to broaden my horizons. He has to cherish me!”

Speaking about Show Luo, Chrissie gently replied, “He is very funny and loves to crack jokes. He often makes people around him so happy. He is very hardworking too”.

Will you develop further with him?

“I will not rule out any possibility with anyone. It is an open courtship”.

Asked about her attendance at Show’s concert, Chrissie become jittery and said, “A colleague wanted to go and it is perfectly normal to take pictures”.

Someone spotted you at Hotel ICON? Chrissie responded, “I was there to look for a friend!”.

Source: Sina

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