It’s a girl for Daniel Chan again! Is Daniel getting stressed chasing for a boy?

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Daniel Chan and his wife Wang Yuxian welcomed their first baby girl last July. In less than 6 months, Daniel announced his wife’s second pregnancy in January.

Recently attended an event, Daniel revealed that his second child is a girl again, and his wife’s expected delivery date is in end August.

“It’s a girl too. Suddenly, I’m overwhelmed with stress!”

When asked if he was stressed over having a boy, Daniel said, “I am stressed that I would not be able to teach them well. We are still learning. Our family do not insist to have a boy. Besides, I realise that a girl is stickier to father.”

As the second child will be born in the year of goat, Daniel intends to give her the nickname, “Yang Yang”.

However, he has yet to decide on the Chinese and Christian name.


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