Jackie Chan has not used any connections to rescue his son

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Jaycee Chan was officially charged with drug offence by the Chinese authorities. Since his arrest in August, Jaycee has been jailed for four months.

During his arrest, rumours have circled that his father Jackie Chan had been trying to rescue his son, hoping to reduce his sentence. However, at a recent interview with a Chinese media, Jackie clarified and said, “I have not visited him even till now. I did not even use any connection to call anyone. If Jaycee only went in jail for 1 week or 10 days, how would the public look at us? We are public figures and all the more, we have to abide by the laws.”

Jackie said that he was extremely shocked and ashamed after he knew about Jaycee’s arrest. He even told his lawyer, “Please slap him [referring to Jaycee] on my behalf!”

Jackie revealed that his wife, Lin Feng-jiao blamed herself for Jaycee’s arrest. “His mum has not left the house for four months and she refuses to see anyone. She is punishing herself. Sometimes, when I see her write, she will cry. Then I knew that she was writing letter to Jaycee.”

Jackie revealed that his lawyer had informed him that Jaycee had matured a lot. He was informed that Jaycee had started to read more books, writing songs and movie scripts during his spare time. He even had to learn to wash his underwear and making his bed in jail.

He said, “The lessons that he learnt are the harshest than anywhere else. It will be unforgettable to him.”

When asked if he would continue to be anti-drug ambassador, Jackie said, “I hope to be an anti-drug ambassador for life! I even hope that after Jaycee is out, he can be an anti-drug ambassador too, telling everyone to stay away from drugs.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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