Jackie Chan is moved by his wife’s forgiveness over his affair

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Jackie Chan will be launching his autobiography, Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Get Older <成龍﹕還沒長大就老了> this month. In this book, the 60-year-old superstar recalled how his wife, Lin Feng-jiao had supported him after his scandal with Elaine Ng surfaced.

In 1999, Elaine revealed her affair with Jackie and announced that she was pregnant with his child. Jackie recalled that he had panicked and did not know how to explain to his wife. He thought that a divorce would be the easy way out and called his wife.

Instead, his wife said to him, “Don’t need to explain. Do not hurt others and do not allow others to hurt us too. If anytime, you need me and our son, we will immediately stand up for you. I know you are very troubled. Never mind about me. I’m alright. You go get busy with your things.”

Jackie was moved to tears by his wife’s support and forgiveness. Two days later, he apologised to his family and thanked them for their support. Despite his wrongdoing, his wife did not utter a single word.

Grateful with his wife’s support and understanding during the crisis of his life, Jackie decided to amend his will and give all his assets to her. Jackie said, “I cannot say that our marriage is perfect, but we cherish each other more and more. We are always a family.”

Jackie also revealed that his wedding with Feng-jiao was very hasty and causal, and they had exchanged vows at a noisy coffee shop in Los Angeles. Feng-jiao was pregnant at that time, and Jackie had then thought that she had agreed to marry him because of his money.

Jackie recalled that his thought was childish, as Feng-jiao was at the peak of her career at that time, and she made lots of money too.

Jackie also talked about his dating history with Teresa Teng. He said their breakup was right because they had incompatible personalities. Jackie recounted one incident, in which Teresa had visited him when he was discussing a script with his friends. She asked Teresa to sit at a corner to wait for him, but she walked away after an hour.

Shortly after, Teresa told him through a phone, “Jackie, I don’t think you need me. It’s better for you to be with your brothers.”

Jackie also spoke about his son, Jaycee Chan’s drug arrest, saying that he had made mistake too when he was young. It is more important for Jaycee to change for the better and face his future like a real man.

Jackie said that he used to be a strict father too. He recalled that when Jaycee was a child, he was very mischievous. There was once he was so angry with him that he flung Jaycee on a sofa. He was very remorseful after the incident and vowed never to hit his son again.

Source: Ming Pao

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