Jackie Chan on son’s drug offence: I’m enraged, ashamed and heartbroken

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Jackie Chan finally broke his silence on his son, Jaycee Chan’s drug arrest.

As an anti-drug ambassador for China in 2009, the public is waiting to see how Jackie will respond to his son’s arrest.

Yesterday, the action star finally responded on his personal Weibo, and said, “Thank you everyone for your concern. After what had happened to Jaycee, I was absolutely enraged and very shocked. As a public figure, I am ashamed. As a father, I am heartbroken. The one who feels most heartbroken is his mum. I hope the youths will learn from Jaycee’s mistake and stay away from drugs.”

As a father, Jackie said that he would weather through the storm with Jaycee and offered his apology to the public.

“I want to say this to Jaycee: You made a mistake and you have to bear the consequences. As a father, I am willing to face the road ahead of us together. Lastly, I fail to teach my son well and have to bear the responsibility. Together with Jaycee, I would like to bow deeply and apologise to the society.”

According to media report, Jackie arrived at the detention centre to see his son, but was denied to visit him as Jaycee was “detained for a criminal offence”. Last night, Jackie was seen at a club house in a discussion with his friends. Looking worried and uneasy, it is very likely that he was discussing his son’s case.

Jaycee and his good friend Kai Ko were arrested on 14 August 2014. Both were tested positive for drugs consumption and admitted to smoking marijuana.

The Beijing police also seized 100g of marijuana at Jaycee’s apartment and he was suspected of accommodating drug users. He may face a maximum of four years’ imprisonment.

Source: Oriental Daily 

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