Jackie Chan pays off debts for son? Jackie replaces Jaycee in advertisement.

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Jackie Chan has replaced his son, Jaycee Chan as new spokesperson for a Chinese bun manufacturer after Jaycee’s drug arrest.

Jaycee was arrested on 14 August for drugs abuse and just this month, Beijing police officially arrested him on charges of accommodating drug users. Because of his arrest, his jobs were all forced to cancel or shelf aside.

He was initially the spokesperson for a Chinese bun manufacturer. However, recently, Jackie’s face appears in the advertisement for the Chinese bun manufacturer in Shanghai.

This has sparked speculations that Jackie has helped his son to compensate for the company’s losses by agreeing to be the spokesperson.

Jaycee’s manager responded by saying that the word “replacement” was inappropriate.

“A week after Jaycee’s incident, the advertiser has reached an agreement and suggested Jackie in the ad. A co-operation was formed as a result. So, these are two separate matters.”



Source: On.cc

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