Jackie Chan will leave all wealth to his son

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Known to be a strict father, Jackie Chan once said that he would donate all his wealth to the charity after his death and would not leave a single cent to his son, Jaycee Chan.

He said then, “If my son is capable, he will earn his own money. If he is incapable, he will waste my money.”

After Jaycee was released from jail after his drug arrest, Jackie appeared to adopt a softer approach towards his son now. Jackie revealed in a recent interview that he was impressed of Jaycee’s transformation after he served 6 months in prison. Jaycee is now more disciplined and helps his mum with the household chores at home.

Jackie also said that they shared better relationship now, unlike in the past, the father and son would always have conflict after speaking even for a short while.

When asked if he would pave a way for Jaycee, Jackie said, “If I don’t leave [my wealth] to him, who do I give to? Everything will be left to him. He is my son and I am his father. That will never change.”

Jackie may also work together with his son, and would accede to his son’s request to work on the script for the sequel to his 2012 film CZ12.

“I no longer yearn for anything. My son is well-behaved, my wife is happy and life is smooth,” said Jackie.

Source: On.cc, Yes Entertainment

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