Jacky Wu counter sues undergraduate for assault

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Two days before the lunar new year (8 February 2013), Jacky Wu was embroiled in an assault case while he was having supper with Elvia Hsiao, Kai Ko and Cheryl Yang.

Jacky and an university student, Chen Yufeng started to exchange blows after the latter got impatient with his friend for chatting with Jacky. The university undergraduate received four stitches on his lips and intends to sue Jacky for assault.

Yesterday, Jacky returned to Taiwan from a show in Shanghai and gave his statement at the police station. Jacky revealed that he suffered five punches on his nose, forehead, upper lip and chin. His medical assessment also revealed a concussion and doctor even forbade him to travel.

Jacky’s assistant added that Jacky’s hand was still bleeding the next morning and had to receive a Tetanus vaccine. During his ten-day performance in Shanghai, Jacky had to bear the pain and carried his show.

Jacky intends to counter sue the three undergraduates for causing physical injuries to him, but will withdraw the lawsuit if the other party is doing the same too. Jacky said, “My injury is more serious. But, since the students pay the bill for me, I hope that the matter will also come to an end”.

Responding to Jacky’s counter suing, Yufeng said, “It doesn’t matter. I did not initiate hitting him. I am the victim!”

Source: Apple Daily

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