Jacky Wu hints that Jay Chou is unthankful

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This year, Jay Chou held three weddings in England, Taipei and Australia. For his Taipei wedding in February, Jay invited veterans from the showbiz such as Chang Hsiao-yen, Jody Chiang and Chang Fei, but his mentor, Jacky Wu was not invited to any of the weddings.

Earlier, Jacky expressed that it was “okay” if he was not invited and he could “save some money” as well. When being told of Jay’s third wedding in Australia, Jacky sang a different tune now and hinted that Jay Chou is unthankful.

Jacky discovered Jay’s talent in 1997 and signed him as a singer under his company. In 2001, Jacky sold off his recording company as well as Jay after a failed investment.

Reports also said that their mentor-mentee relationship became estranged after Jacky confirmed that Jay was dating Jolin Tse in 2005, after he was caught dating Patty Hou. Jay was then criticized as a two timer.

During a studio recording yesterday, Jacky revealed that he had initially wrote a letter to Jay and wished to post it on his Facebook. He sighed and said, “I think let’s forget about it. The matter will be blown up.”

When asked about the contents of the letter, Jacky said, “The contents are very touching. He [referring to Jay] is someone who can touched me. He also reminds me that I should visit the people who have once helped us.”

Jacky added, “When you have reached a certain age, you will know how to thank those people. It’s important to be grateful.”

Appearing to take a jibe at Jay, Jacky also said, “The person who has helped you the most in your life did not even attend your wedding. There must be a big problem somewhere? How will this kid face his life in the future?”

“My parents taught me that I should always remember those friends who have helped me before, and I should thank them personally,” said Jacky.

When asked about the wedding invite list, Jay’s recording label JVR Music replied, “Jacky’s name was initially in the guests’ list, but eventually, Jay’s mother was the one to finalise the list.”

Source: Apple Daily

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