Jay Chou teases Jolin Tsai on stage

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Double J – Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai finally reunited at the 24th Golden Melody Awards two nights ago.

Presenting the Best Mandarin Male Singer together on stage, the ex-couple was the climax of the award ceremony. Jay took the opportunity to comfort Jolin for losing the Best Mandarin Female Singer and said to her, “I hope you are not that disappointed?”

Jolin replied, “A little.”

Jay also teased Jolin for her frequent gym dates with boyfriend, Vivian Dawson and said, “Working out is very good for artistes. If your friend has no time to take you to a gym, you can come to mine!”

After presenting the award, the pair was also being cheered by the crowd to hug each other. Upon hearing the cheer, Jay and Jolin immediately escaped from the stage.

Source: Yes Entertainment

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