Jay Chou will get married at 35

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Taiwanese pop prince, Jay Chou will turn 34 on 18 January 2013. Asked about his birthday wish, he said, “I hope that my mum will give me a sports car!”

Fond of collecting sports car, Jay already possesses three luxurious sports cars. Jay expressed that he wished to have his own brand of sports cars one day. He even had conceptualised the exterior design of his ideal car but lacked the professional knowledge on engine design. “I have this concept and welcome all manufacturers to invite me for collaboration”.

In fact, Jay had specially manufactured his own “J-concept” sports car for his latest album Opus 12  <十二新作> and used it in his music video. As there is not enough garage space at his house, the car is still at the filming studio.

Jay vowed before that he would get married before the age of 35. As it is still 2 years away, Jay admitted that he still had this thought and he would “give his word since he had spoken before”.

However, Jay refused to talk about his rumoured girlfriend, Hannah Quinlivan and said that his mentality was to befriend more people. The multi-talented star said that if he publicly acknowledged his girlfriend one day, that woman would be his marriage partner. He candidly said that it was not easy being the woman of the pop prince.

Jay further shared that he would be having a steamboat dinner with his friends on his birthday but did not mention if Hannah would join in the birthday celebration.

Source: udn.com

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