Jaycee Chan: I have been taking drugs for 8 years

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In a latest video footage released by CCTV, Jaycee Chan confessed that he had been taking drugs for 8 years.

He first tried Marijuana when he was in Netherlands in 2006. Thinking that he “would not get addicted”, he decided to try it and found it hard to quit the drugs later.

Kai Ko who was arrested together with Jaycee, revealed that he had his first taste of drug at Jaycee’s house in 2012.

In a video clip of Jaycee’s arrest, he led the police to a room at his apartment. When the police asked him, “Where is it?”, Jaycee said, “In the safe.”

The police seized more than 100g of marijuana stored in a box, cans and plastic bags.

Reports suggested that Jackie Chan was extremely furious upon hearing his son’s drug arrest, and was worried that his wife Lin Feng-jiao would not be able to take the blow. The international star is said to have travelled to Beijing to visit his son, but was denied to see him.

However, the reporters who have been waiting outside the detention centre did not see Jackie.

Known for his righteous image, the public is waiting to see how Jackie will respond to his son’s arrest. He once said that if his son were to commit a crime, he would not hesitate to call the police and have him jailed.

Unlike Kai’s father who has made an official apology on behalf of his son, Jackie has not responded on Jaycee’s drug arrest.

Source: Apple Daily, Ettoday

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