Jaycee Chan sentenced to 6 months’ jail

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After his drug arrest on 14 August last year, Jaycee Chan went on trial this morning at the Beijing Dongcheng District People’s Court.

Jaycee was charged for the crime of sheltering drug users on 4 occasions: once in the second half of 2012, 7 October 2014, 13 August 2014 and 14 August 2014.

Jaycee pleaded guilty to the charges and admitted sheltering others to smoke drugs at his house on 4 occasions. On three occasions, he allowed Taiwanese movie star, Kai Ko to smoke drug at his apartment’s bathroom and bedroom. In another occasion, he allowed Chinese celebrity Alice Li to commit the same act at his apartment’s bathroom.

Making his first appearance in public since his arrest, Jaycee looked calm and expressionless in court. He told the court that when the police raided his house, he “did not know how to deal with the marijuana.”

His defence lawyer told the court that Jaycee had turned himself in, confessed to the crime, and did not have any prior criminal record, and so pleaded for a lighter sentence.


Jaycee said on court, “I made a mistake and ought to be punished. When I return to the society, I will never make the same mistake again as I would have disappoint my family and friends again. However, although I have received my punishment, it doesn’t mean that I am forgiven. I hope to use my actions to seek everyone’s forgiveness.”

The court eventually sentenced Jaycee to six months’ jail and a fine of RMB 2,000.

The trial was attended by members of the press, the public and 100 staff from Jaycee’s agency, but his parents Jackie Chan and Lin Feng-jiao were nowhere to be seen.

Jaycee’s manager said that his family respected the court’s decision and that Jaycee should accept his punishment. His family also did not intend to lodge an appeal.

Source: Apple Daily 

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