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Jerry Yan (言承旭)reportedly bought a new mansion and there have been speculations that his is planning to tie the knot with Lin Chi-Ling (林志玲). At a promotional event yesterday, Jerry exclaimed, “How can it be so exaggerating?”

Although dismissing the wedding rumors with the Taiwanese model, Jerry let it slip that he is dating Chi-ling. “No wedding plans yet. When I meet the right one, I may do it (get married) on impulse. Please give us some space. Besides family, love is important too. I hope everyone will spare us.”

Appearing to give away his romance with Chi-ling, Jerry’s manager was quick to explain that he only meant “when he meet a new partner” and “give him space to develop his friendship.”
At another promotional event, Chi-ling mentioned that she would spend the mid-autumn festival with an important person. When pressed by media to reveal the person, Chi-Ling also gave similar statement as Jerry, “Hope that the media will give every public figure some space for their love. Sometimes, when there are too many people paying attention to it, it may put out the passion.”

Source: ent.sina.com, news.sina.com

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  1. suyin wee Reply

    This artical is so wrong. It’s very different from the Chinese version please get ure facts right! But I guess this person who translated this is just doing a rush, must do, not perfect enough job.

  2. Japy Reply

    Meteor garden seoson 3 please!!