Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-ling suspected to be living together

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In the latest episode of Chinese reality programme, Sisters Over Flowers 2 <花樣姐姐2>, Lin Chi-ling was seen packing her luggage in her apartment. However, netizens spotted that the interior of her house was different from the one in the first season.

Chi-ling has changed the interior of her house from a pink theme to a simple classic theme, and was speculated to have moved house. However, investigative netizens also spotted that the interior of her new house was identical to Jerry Yan’s house!

In Chi-ling’s new home, the ivory-tiled walls was identical to the photo which Jerry posted of his nephew playing at his home. In Jerry’s apartment, there was a small round table also placed at a corner of the room, which was exactly the same as Chi-ling’s house.

However, Taiwanese media reported that the duo’s reconciliation was unlikely as Chi-ling was busy filming in Mexico, whereas Jerry has been racing motorcycles with his good friends recently.

Jerry has also responded through his manager, “You guys think too much! Thank you everyone for your concern.”

However, there is no explanation as to why the interior of their houses look so similar.




Source: Ettoday, Apple Daily

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