Jimmy Lin and Kelly Chen’s wedding at Phuket

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Jimmy Lin and Kelly Chen held their romantic wedding at the beautiful beach of Phuket two days ago. The couple made a spectacular march in when they rode on a galloping horse into their wedding ceremony.

Kelly stole the limelight in her three lovely gowns. Her first wedding gown was a romantic greek inspired dress; second gown was a classic lacy long dress with a 3-metre long flowy veil; third gown was a sexy pink short dress which allowed her to flaunt her beautiful legs.

Besides the couple, Jimmy’s son Kimi was also the highlight, playing the role of the page boy on his parents’ big day. When the pastor was officiating the wedding, the mischievous Kimi started to play with his mother’s veil. After that, he even danced PSY’s horse riding dance with the guests.

After the wedding ended, Jimmy led the guests including his father-in-law to dive into the hotel’s pool for a second round of party.




Although the couple had a fairytale wedding, things were definitely not easy for them. All these years, Kelly had to put up with the hostility from some of Jimmy’s fans. Some fans had made remarks on her looks and even compared her with Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend, Ruby Lin.

Jimmy was upset with the harsh remarks on his wife. He said, “Even if Lin Chi-ling is my wife, she will also be scolded. I am only doing what I am supposed to do in life.”

“It is tough being my other half. We can’t hold hands during dates and neither can we walk on streets nor watch a movie openly. She will also have to buy the movie tickets first.”

Jimmy also has a guilt for his wife. “She will cry whenever she was attacked by those remarks. However, she thinks that most of the fans have seen the efforts she put in and have began to accept her.”




Source: Yes Entertainment 

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