Jimmy Lin’s son design JJ Lin and Jimmy’s ending pose

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JJ Lin and Jimmy Lin have been good friends after learning that they share the same passion -cars.

Two nights ago, JJ invited his buddy as a guest performer at his concert in Wuhan, China. JJ introduced Jimmy as “Forever young Lin” before performing together Jimmy’s hit song, Not every love song has fond memories <不是每個戀曲都有美好回憶>.

The duo made a comical ending pose, with their hands facing up. Jimmy said, “Our ending pose was designed by my son, Kimi.”

Kimi also recorded a short video clip to JJ, “Thank you uncle JJ for giving me a jacket. I wish success for uncle JJ’s concert. Papi [referring to Jimmy], keep it going!”

Already into the age of 39, Jimmy still possesses a baby face. JJ asked Jimmy curiously, “How can I be like you. I hope that after a few years later, I can be as young as now.”

Jimmy replied, “Then go get married and have a mini JJ. And you must have a daughter, so that she can keep Kimi company!”

JJ laughed, “I have the motivation to get married now!”

Source: Apple Daily 

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