Jinny Ng lashes out at netizen for joking on her mother’s accident

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Hong Kong singer, Jinny Ng was extremely furious with a joke on her mother’s accident that she scolded profanity online.

The mother of the 22-year-old singer-actress was involved in a serious cycling accident yesterday and is still in a serious condition. A netizen left a cheeky remark on Jinny’s Facebook after she updated that her mother had just completed her surgery.

“Auntie probably still misses the last episode of the drama so much that she has filmed a sequel herself,” said the netizen.

Jinny’s drama, Young Charioteers <衝線> which ended its broadcast last week is a show about romance and bicycle racing.

Angry with the insensitive joke by the netizen, Jinny scolded the person back, “You can attack me personally, but you do not have the right to joke about my mother. You X!”

After half an hour, Jinny requested the netizen to apologise even though the person had removed the comment.

“Do you take it as nothing has happened after deleting the comment? I want you to apologise! Just because I am a public figure, my family members have to be made fun of? I want everyone to know that I will do my best to protect my family members. I will not let anyone to hurt them!”

Jinny’s mother is currently in the intensive care unit after undergoing a surgery. Jinny said, “She is semi conscious and is in a better condition than yesterday.”

Jinny said that since her mother’s accident, she has been under tremendous stress, and cannot control her emotions. She apologised for using profanity as she was setting a bad example to the young fans.

However, she stressed that being a public figure does not mean that others could joke about her family members.

Source: Ming Pao

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