Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan are not on good terms?

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Fahrenheit’s (飞轮海) members, Jiro Wang (汪东城)and Aaron Yan (炎亚纶)reportedly are not on good terms due to intense competition over commerical endorsements and series ratings. Yesterday, Jiro Wang was in Hong Kong to promote his personal album, “What are you waiting for?” and over 500 fans turned up to support Jiro.

Jiro and Aaron recently were rumored that they had undergone cosmetic surgery to improve on their looks. When asked if Aaron had any facial enhancement, Jiro quickly answered, “It’s right!”

Realising that he had spoke the wrong words, Jiro corrected immediately, “I said ‘right’ to express that I understood the question. Why will he (go for cosmetic surgery)? Our bodies belong to our parents. He becomes more handsome because he is very handsome in the first place!”

Responding to rumours that he had also used Botox to enhance his nose feature, Jiro said, “I inherited my nose from my mother. My nose has always been sharp.”

At an series promotional event with Lara (梁心硕), Jiro also denied falling out with Aaron. “We are still very good friends in private,” said Jiro.

Jiro then disclosed that he had plans to open a film production company with Wu Chun (吴尊), and hoped to work with him onscreen. Appearing to leave out Aaron specifically, Jiro said, “Wu Chun and I can act as brothers!”

Source: mingpao, ent.sina.com

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