Jiro Wang and Pets Tzeng recalled to re-shoot ‘KO One Return’

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Since airing in Taiwan, KO One Return <终极一班2> has received rave reviews from viewers and has received amazing ratings as well. Recently, the Taiwanese idol drama hit a record high ratings when Jiro Wang time-travelled back ten years ago and disappeared from the drama.

Many fans called for Jiro to return and said that the drama could not do without him. Some netizens wrote, “Please let Jiro return!”; “Jiro, please appear soon! Do not play hide and seek with us!”; “Jiro, we need you”.

In order to satisfy the viewers, the cast of KO One Return including Jiro and Pets Tzeng were recalled to re-shoot the drama again. Although the drama had finished its filming about half a year ago, the drama will add on new story line to the existing plot. Jiro even had to sign a confidential agreement for not disclosing the story line.

Jiro said, “The additional scenes will definitely give the viewers a surprise. Please stay tuned!”

During the filming, Jiro had to wear a singlet to film under the cold winter weather of 8°C. In order to look more toned on camera, Jiro did push-ups on the spot. A working crew teased Jiro, “Are you sure it works since it is done at a last minute?”

Jiro clarified immediately, “As I am wearing sleeveless, I am doing exercise to warm my body!”

Besides Jiro, KO One Return has also pushed up the popularity of Pets Tzeng, Lin Zi Hong and Xu Ming Jie. Many gaming companies have also misused the portraits of its cast to publicise to students its gaming videos.

Source: takungpao.com

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